Moving Checklist



I have comprised a checklist to help you throughout the next phase of your move.


Two Months Before

  • Sort and purge
  • Research moving companies. Many of my clients have had great luck with Thompson Movers (708) 687-4446 so I have included their number. Whichever service you use make sure to get an on-site estimate and check their past performances.

Better Business Bureau 1-219-227-8400

  • Create a moving binder (estimates, receipts & inventory of items you’re moving)
  • Create a folder of appliance warranties etc. that can be shared with the new owners.
  • Organize school, dental, & medical records to easily transfer to new district.


Six Weeks Before

  • Gather supplies (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, & permanents markers).
  • Tips:
    • Costco boxes are a nice size for all to carry, some come with handles and best of all are free
  • Use it – start using up frozen and perishable foods and cleaning supplies
  • Make travel arrangements for pets and plants. Tip: check with moving company on what you can and can’t move. Often, they have a do not ship list.


One Month Before

  • Ensure that your moving company has been selected and confirm date, cost & other details.
  • Begin packing. Clearly label each box with the room it is coming from, a number & a brief description of contents.
  • Tips:
    • Make one box marked “Essentials” that you will carry with you and need right away such as medications, toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper products/utensils, pajamas, & even light bulbs, small tool kit, scissors, tape, a few rags & trash bags. A separate box with valuables is a good idea as well.
    • Pack heavy books in suitcases.
    • Snap a picture of the back of tv's, computers, etc. before unplugging to simplify the hook up at new location.
    • Use a utility knife to make handles on moving boxes for easy lifting.
    • Gather hanging clothes in groups and cover with garbage bags. Use a pole across car to hang gathered groupings.
    • Place an extended string before taping boxes so you can quickly pull string to release packing tape.
    • Use paper towels instead of newspaper to pack dishes etc.  Eliminates ink mess and you can reuse for quick cleanup at your new home.
  • Do a change of address at the local post office or online at Often the package includes coupons related to moving expenses!
  • Notify important parties: banks, brokerage firms, employer’s human resource department, magazines & newspapers, credit card, insurance and utility companies. Tip: I have a list of utility phone numbers on under tool links then community utilities.
    • Electric          
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Cell Phone
    • Sewer
    • Trash Collection
    • Cable/satellite, internet and landline phone
  • Get automobile serviced.
  • Update address. Fill out a change of address with Postal Service. Have mail held if necessary. Notify friends and family of your new address so you can stay in touch. Tip: If you wish to provide a mailing list of friends and family we will update them of your move.
  • Notify other businesses. These service accounts should be aware that your address is changing. Tip: Keep track of incoming mail as a reminder of who utilizes your address.
    • Auto Finance Company
    • Insurance Company
    • Bank/Credit Union
    • Credit Card Companies
    • Health Club
    • Home Care Service Providers (lawn, exterminator, snow removal, Home Owners Association, etc.)
    • Laundry Service
    • Magazines/Newspapers
    • Monthly Memberships (Netflix, Book of the Month, etc.)
    • Pharmacy
    • Any other service that would need an updated billing address
  • Notify government offices
    • Department of Motor Vehicles
    • Social Security Administration
    • City/County Tax Assessor
    • State/Federal Tax Bureau (IRS)
    • Veterans Administration
  • Arrange Parking. Make sure you know where your moving equipment will go and where any moving help will park. Obtain parking permits if needed.
  • Plan meals. Prepare meals that use up any perishable food during last weeks of move.
  • Prepare the House. Assemble the folder you created of important house information for the next home owner and complete any necessary repairs. Leave a note with your address so future residents can forward stray mail.


1 Week Before

  • Review moving plans. Call moving company to confirm moving plans
  • Prepare for payment. Contact bank or credit card company and mention move to avoid fraud alerts or declines from travel activity.
  • Pack essentials box. Finalize your essentials box with things you will need when you arrive at new house. Tip: Load essentials box last so that you can access immediately.
  • Pack for travel. Bring enough clothes and toiletries to cover the days of travel. Tip: Refill prescriptions and bring with as well.
  • Prepare appliances. Drain gas and oil from lawn equipment, gas grills, eaters, etc. Empty and defrost refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours before move.
  • Measure furniture and doorways. Measure large items to determine if they will fit through the door or plan an alternate route.


Moving Day

  • Clear a path. Make sure nothing blocking walkway Protect carpet, floor and door frames from damage.
  • Do final walkthrough. Check ever room & closet one last time to ensure nothing left behind.
  • Arrange for pick-up of any items not being moved by movers (dog, plants, etc.)


Moving In


Any questions or something we should add to list? If you have any concerns contact me direct. Thank you for the opportunity. If I have done a great job please recommend me on your real estate site of choice. I value your opinion & want to ensure your satisfaction. Make sure to add me in your contacts. I look forward to helping you and any referrals you may have for many moves to come!



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